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Your skin does not only protect you, it exfoliates and rejuvenates your body as well. In fact, it’s the main detoxifier for your entire body, helping to rid the body of unwanted toxins. While it has an immune system, you have no external defense mechanism. For this reason, it is essential to always take care of your skin. Although it is sensitive, it is also strong, tenacious, and very resilient.

Your diet plays a vital role in maintaining your skin’s overall health. Make sure you’re eating a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, plenty of water, and plenty of fresh juices. The juice of oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruits is known to be a good source of vitamin C. Make sure you also have protein in the form of lean cuts of meat, egg yolks, and dairy products. This is important for increasing testosterone levels, giving a smooth, silky skin, and preventing wrinkles.

You also want to include lean, fresh fish, seafood, nuts, and seeds in your diet. They have a lot of iodine that improves overall health and is essential for improving thyroid levels. They also help to keep your skin clear and free from pimples as well. If you have psoriasis, you want to include aloe vera, vitamin E, and coconut oil in your diet for this condition.

You should also include plenty of wholesome, nutritious fats in your diet. These are known as omega-3 fatty acids. For this reason, keep an eye out for foods like salmon, sardines, walnuts, canola oil, avocados, olive oil, nuts, and seeds that contain omega-3 fatty acids. Eating nutritious fats can give you smooth, silky skin and keep acne away.

You should also keep up regular exercise, for this may help keep your blood flowing and improve circulation, increasing the skin’s elasticity. It also helps remove toxins from your skin, improving your overall health. Exercise also helps your circulation and detoxify your body. Just make sure you do not exercise for too long, as this will result in weight gain and muscle loss. The weight gain should be kept to a minimum to maintain smooth, clean, beautiful skin.

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